For Immediate Release
January 1, 2001

Khoral Research Announces New Corporate Name Change

Albuquerque, NM, January 1, 2001: Khoral Research, Inc. announced that it has assumed the new name Khoral, Inc. as of 1 January 2001. The change in corporate identity reflects the company's transition to a complete software design, development and deployment solutions provider across a spectrum of industries.

According to Dan Hartley, Chairman of Khoral, Inc., "The name change reinforces our commitment to Khoral’s commercial focus on providing a full spectrum of software solutions including design, development, deployment, testing, custom services and support for a broad range of important customers."

Khoral Inc., a Delaware corporation with headquarters in Albuquerque, NM, issued 10 million shares in the privately held corporation and retains all rights to the use of its former name for eventual application to the commercialization of its Khoros technology.

"We have built a sophisticated technology base over the past thirteen years and, and in doing so, we’ve combined leading technology and an expert team to achieve comprehensive solutions to real-world problems," stated Jack Whittier, President and CEO of Khoral. "Our goal is to work with customers to find stable, robust answers that fit their current situation, either through the use of our proprietary software technology, other software products, or a carefully tailored combination of both."

Khoral helps customers in any stage of software development, from requirement definition through the development cycle to the deployment of customized applications, including: system integration, distributed computing/distributed systems, database design, modeling and simulation, data exploration and visualization, image processing and pattern recognition, in addition to high performance computing and parallel processing.


Khoral Inc. is a leading edge software development company with extensive experience designing and developing custom software solutions for commercial and government organizations. Khoral Inc. offers its own proprietary software product, Khoros®, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for rapidly developing, integrating and deploying software solutions to streamline customer computing challenges. Khoros provides hundreds of operators for data processing and visualization, all of which are available via a sophisticated visual programming environment. The integrated software development environment allows systems deploy any application requiring collaboration, problem solving, prototyping, software integration, or software development in an object-oriented, visually represented environment.

Khoros technology has gained worldwide acceptance among major companies and organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Daimler Benz Aerospace, Eastman Kodak, Sandia National Laboratory, 3M, Dupont, Intel, Eurocontrol, and Raytheon. KRI For more information, contact Khoral, Inc. at info at Khoral dot com or 505-268-2797. FAX: 505-268-7130.


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