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Wednesday, January 12, 2000

Khoral Inc. Reports Surge in Product Revenue

New Khoros© Pro™ Architecture Spurs Record Sales for 1999

Albuquerque, New Mexico, January 11, 2000 --

Khoral Inc. today announced record-breaking financial results for the year ended December 31, 1999. Product revenues increased 50%, reflecting a significant increase in sales of the company's flagship Khoros Pro software. The latest release of Khoros Pro 2001 (TM) boasts a streamlined architecture and includes a number of robust enhancements that allow multiple users and teams to collaborate more effectively in an Integrated Development Environment for Applications and Systems (TM) (IDE/AS).

"Turning in the biggest revenue increase in our seven year history represents a tremendous achievement for Khoral" said Don Bouchard, Director of Sales. "Khoral's strong performance reflects the escalating adoption of our existing and newly released products among commercial users and government organizations. We are especially excited by the momentum created by our recent product release which has enhanced our leadership in integrated application development arenas."

Continued Growth Locally and Nationally

Khoral was recognized as New Mexico's 2nd fastest growing technology company by the New Mexico Business Journal in 1998. Locally, Khoros Pro, is used for data analysis and visualization, visual programming, and software development at Philips Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory, the University of New Mexico, and Honeywell. Nationally, key Khoral customers include E-Stamp, Kodak, 3M, Dupont, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin.

Innovative Integration Technology

With its recently re-engineered architecture, Khoros Pro 2001 supports the full range of enterprise application development needs from business modeling to real-time structured development for large-scale client/server systems. The Khoros Pro 2001 visual programming solution allows corporations to create process-specific applications that easily integrate into a larger, comprehensive industry-specific model. Khoros Pro 2001 easily scales for small teams or distributed enterprise projects involving multiple workgroups and platforms.

The visual programming features of Khoros Pro 2001 support an expanded and customizable software environment that is flexible, extensible and easy to use. Robust enhancements to this latest release also include streaming data services and data operators that facilitate continuous data transmission for real time audio and video processing production systems. To help users streamline the application and system development process, Khoros Pro 2001 incorporates visual workspace compilers and Concurrent Version System (CVS) configuration management functionality. This allows multiple users and teams to rapidly develop application enhancements and automate the debugging process.

About Khoral

Khoral Inc. is a leading edge software development company with extensive experience customizing software applications for commercial and government organizations. Since 1992, Khoros technology has gained worldwide acceptance among major companies and organizations such as Sandia National Laboratory, E-Stamp, Eastman Kodak, Lockheed Martin, 3M, Dupont, Eurocontrol, the French Atomic Commission, and Raytheon. Today, Khoros technology optimizes software development, implementation and maintenance with Khoros Pro software and custom IDE/AS services that provide a competitive edge for companies around the globe. For more information, contact Khoral at info at khoral dot com or 505-268-2797. FAX: 505-268-7130. Detailed information is also available on the Khoral web site,

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