Khoral Press Release : July 30, 1999

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, July 8, 1998

Khoral Research Inc. Teams with R3vis Corporation

Bringing Stereo Imaging to the Desktop

Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 8, 1998 --

Khoral Research Inc. (KRI) and R3vis Corporation (R3vis) announced today their cooperation in the pre-release of VUMaster(ô), an interactive tool for displaying and registering stereo image pairs. The two companies' history of successful collaboration has resulted in a partnership to release this ground-breaking new product.

Studies have shown that stereoscopic imaging improves comprehension of three-dimensional structure and depth relationships by 100 percent when compared to viewing monoscopic images alone. Researchers and scientists in many domains, such as medical imaging, remote sensing, remote robotic control and biochemistry, benefit from the increased depth resolution resulting from stereoscopic imaging. In addition to the impact in the scientific and research domains, an increasing number of sources of stereo images for entertainment purposes are becoming available on the Web. Whether the application is scientific research or entertainment, stereoscopic imaging takes front viewing "flatland" to a compelling three-dimensional experience on a standard workstation.

VUMaster, designed and developed by R3vis, is an application that combines the power of R3vis' RM visualization technology and KRI's Khoros technology to bring the power of stereo imaging to your desktop. The application displays images in either red/blue or time-multiplexed, multi-buffered format, and lets the user interactively register the images to suit his or her own personal stereo-imaging perspective. To make the application more user friendly, several image file formats are supported.

For the benefit of R3vis and KRI customers, a pre-release version of VUMaster is available for free Web download and evaluation. The pre-release access period will end on September 1, 1998. To access a free 45-day evaluation copy, download from the Web at This pre-release version of VUMaster is available only for Sun Solaris with OpenGL. Versions for other widely used platforms will be supported when the product is officially released.

About Khoral Research Inc.

Khoral Research designs, builds, deploys, services, and supports technical computing solutions that create a competitive advantage for its customers by scaling transparently from the desktop to the supercomputer across the Windows NT operating system and UNIX. KRI's productivity services and software tools have gained worldwide acceptance among major companies and organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Eastman Kodak, Sandia National Laboratory, 3M, Dupont, Intel, the French Atomic Commission, Hughes Missile Systems, and Raytheon. For more information, contact John M Salas at salas at khoral dot com or 505-268-2797. FAX: 505-268-2797. Detailed information is also available on the KRI web site,

About R3vis Corporation

R3vis Corporation develops graphics and visualization technology for use in scientific domains. Its flagship product, RMô, a software toolkit for high-performance rendering and visualization, may be used by developers to create state-of-the-art scientific visualization applications. R3vis provides technical services to development teams, including consulting and custom development using RMô for specific projects. For more information, contact Jane E. Lybecker at sales at r3vis dot com or 415-806-6532. Additional information concerning R3vis, and VUMaster may be viewed at

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