For Immediate Release
March 25, 1998

KRI Announces New Solutions Services Group

Customers May Now Utilize the Expertise of KRI to Guide them through any Stage of Software Development.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, March 25, 1998 --

Expanding the reach of its successful contract organization, Khoral Research Inc. (KRI) announced the establishment of the KRI Solution Services Group. KRI has ten years of experience developing software to the exacting specifications of government and commercial contracts. Now, that expertise is being made available to a wider range of clients to solve their business problems.

"We built a sophisticated technology base in the past ten years and, and in doing so, we've added tremendous resources to our professional staff. In forming the KRI Solution Services Group, we recognized that the knowledge and hands-on background of our staff have immediate value for any of our customers," stated Tom Sauer, President and CEO of KRI. "The Solution Services Group brings our tested experience to bear on solving customer problems. Our goal is to work with customers to find stable, robust answers that fit their current situation, either through the use of our proprietary software technology, other software products, or a carefully tailored combination of both. KRI Solution Services combines leading technology and an expert team to achieve comprehensive solutions to real-world problems."

KRI Solution Services can be used to help customers in any stage of software development, from requirement definition through the development cycle to the deployment of customized applications. Outlined below are the basic capabilities of KRI Solution Services:

  • System Integration - Includes porting UNIX application to the Windows NT“ operating system, legacy code integration, data integration, and GUI design.

  • Distributed Computing/Distributed Systems - Includes consulting on IPCs, scheduling and load-balancing processes, and data management tools, plus embedded/real time hardware systems.

  • Database Design - Includes data modeling methodologies and design of customer tailored databases.

  • Modeling and Simulation - Includes system design, development, testing, and deployment to model and simulate real-world situations.

  • Data Exploration and Visualization - Includes expertise and tools for Open GL programming, 2D/3D plotting and data representation, 3D volume rendering, multi- and hyper-spectral data analysis.

  • Image Processing and Pattern Recognition - Includes domain specialties such as medical imaging, remote sensing, document image analysis, and ground cover mapping/classification.

  • High Performance and Parallel Processing - Includes in-depth knowledge of MPI, issues analysis, data and task parallelism, and memory architectures.

In addition, KRI has initiated the One-On-One Developer Service for customers who need a problem solved but cannot dedicate internal resources to deal w ith it. This service provides a senior software developer who focuses solely on the customer's need.

About Khoral Research, Inc.
KRI designs, builds, deploys, services, and supports technical computing solutions that create a competitive advantage for its customers by scaling transparently from the desktop to the supercomputer. KRI's productivity services and software tools have gained worldwide acceptance among major organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 3M, Dupont, the French Atomic Commission, Hughes Missile Systems, and Raytheon/Texas Instrument. KRI will shortly release XPrism Pro‘, a state-of-the-art, interactive plotting application, and Khoros Pro 2000‘, a redesign of KRI's visual programming and software development tools, that is Year 2000 compliant and runs on the Windows NT operating system. For more information, contact John M Salas at salas at khoral dot com or 505-268-2797. FAX: 505-268-7130.

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