For Immediate Release
Friday, May 29, 1998

Khoros® Pro 2000™

Open Window to Year 2000

Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 29, 1998 --

Khoral Research Inc. (KRI) announced today the launch of Khoros Pro 2000, the newest release in their Khoros Pro line of products. Among the improvements introduced with Khoros Pro 2000, the most notable are the inclusion of development and distribution rights and the product's Year 2000 compliance. Khoral Research, Inc. has taken a great leap with Khoros Pro 2000 by providing the first KRI product to run on both UNIX and the Windows NTŪ Operating System.

By developing a product that runs on the Microsoft Windows NT Operating System, KRI has responded to the needs of many Khoros Pro users who have switched to NT in recent years. UNIX users may rest assured that their demands have also been met. Says KRI Commercial Products Manager, Paula Barth, "Khoros Pro 2000 is truly the result of trying to meet our users' needs. We maintained the power and flexibility of Khoros Pro 2.2 while implementing improvements that our users requested. Khoros Pro 2000 will preserve the look and feel that our users are accustomed to, but will impress them with a level of performance that they have not experienced."

Khoros Pro 2000 differs from any past version of Khoros by giving users environment options while still providing the highest quality of visual programming and software development tools, the quality its users have come to expect. Khoros Pro 2000, Visual Prototyping Environment (VPE) provides out-of-the-box power for information processing, data exploration, and data visualization. The VPE environment also allows users to rapidly prototype new solutions and comes complete with over 300 analysis operators in five toolboxes for solving signal, image, numerical, time-series, multi/hyper spectral, and volumetric data analysis problems. Drag-and-drop any analysis operator into the visual programming tool for fast, efficient prototyping and problem solving.

Khoros Pro 2000, Software Developer's Kit (SDK), combines the power of VPE with valuable distribution rights. Whether users need to extend the Visual Prototyping Environment by creating specialized data analysis operators or to create new independent end-user applications, the SDK version provides a complete environment for software development. Source code, user interfaces, and documentation can be easily managed for any size workgroup, increasing productivity throughout the software development cycle. The fully integrated CASE tools and configuration management system allow users to write source code once and deploy on many platforms. In addition, source code will be available to SDK users through the Khoros Pro 2000 Developer's Program.

About Khoral Research, Inc.

KRI designs, builds, deploys, services, and supports technical computing solutions that create a competitive advantage for its customers by scaling transparently from the desktop to the supercomputer across the Windows NT operating system and UNIX. KRI's productivity services and software tools have gained worldwide acceptance among major organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 3M, Dupont, the French Atomic Commission, Hughes Missile Systems, and Raytheon/Texas Instruments. For more information, contact John M Salas at salas at khoral dot com or 505-268-2797. FAX: 505-268-7130. Detailed information is also available on the KRI web site,

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