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September 1, 2000

Khoral Debuts Powerful New Software Features

Khoros® Pro 2001™ Introduces JAVA Support in Turbo-Charged New Release

Albuquerque, New Mexico, September 1, 2001 --

Khoral Inc. today announced powerful new features for the company's flagship software that simplifies and streamlines the visualization, understanding and management of complex image and data processing routines. Khoros Pro 2001™ version 2 gives software developers and visual programmers JAVA development support, tear away release capabilities, new visualization tools, in addition to colorspace models and interactive look-up tables in an user-friendly package.

New Features Include JAVA Development
"For programmers who must adapt traditional applications to the Internet era, Khoros Pro 2001 Version 2 offers a flexible software development solution," said Jack Whittier, President of Khoral Research, Inc. "We give developers a visual programming environment where its easy to create and maintain JAVA applets and applications." Khoros Pro 2001 version 2 now supports JAVA - in addition to ANSI, C and C++, Mfiles and traditional Khoros programs.

Easier Application Deployment for Programmers
Version 2 of Khoros Pro 2001 makes releasing applications easier than ever. "Our new tear away features support the release of application deliverables that are self-contained, compact and end-user friendly," noted Danielle Argiro, Vice President of Technology. With the latest release, customers can un-plug and play with kroutines and xvroutines independent from the Khoros Pro 2001 environment to generate standalone binaries with online help pages.

New Visualization Tools
The Khoros Pro 2001 version 2 spectre tool simplifies the process of multi- and hyper-spectral image visualization in Khoros. Spectre allows users to highlight image features by selecting any combination of bands from a multi-band image and display them as red, green and blue. "This new release makes it easier to write programs as fully-integrated image processing routines," said Argiro. The new image registration toolbox offers 12 operators, 6 libraries, and 18 example workspace objects you can access from a drop-down menu in the Khoros visual programming environment.

New Colorspace Models Supporting the full spectrum of color for visual analysis, the Version 2 release allows users to edit in RGB, CMY, HSV, HLS, YIQ, XYZ, UVW, and GREY colorspaces. Khoros Pro 2001 v2 supports a full variety of colorspaces so users can interactively modify colormaps using a new interactive lookup table feature. The new interactive look-up table feature provides three plots (red, green and blue) to modify colormap values for an image interactively.

Version 2 More User Friendly
"Khoros Pro continues to provide cutting-edge tools to simplify complex computing and application development challenges," Whittier said. With the new Version 2 release, customers will save time when manipulating and displaying images because Khoros automatically saves preference settings and turbo charges two-dimensional Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) with a 10-fold speed increase for larger images. According to Whittier, "Version 2 of Khoros Pro 2001 is a robust release with plenty of options to maximize productivity in image processing, data visualization, and the development, deployment and maintenance of a wide variety of applications."

Khoral Inc. is a leading edge software development company with extensive experience customizing software applications for commercial and government organizations. Since 1992, Khoros technology has gained worldwide acceptance among major companies and organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Eastman Kodak, Sandia National Laboratory, 3M, Dupont, Intel, the French Atomic Commission, and Raytheon.

Khoros Pro 2001 Version 2 helps optimize the software development, implementation and maintenance process from end-to-end. Khoros Pro 2001 Version 2 integrates legacy systems, custom applications and off-the-shelf software using a visual programming environment to improve collaboration and fine tune performance across multi-platform systems.

Today, Khoros technology optimizes software development, implementation and maintenance with custom services that provide a competitive edge for companies around the globe. For more information, contact John M Salas at info at khoral dot com or 505-268-2797. FAX: 505-268-7130. Detailed information is also available on the KRI web site,

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