Khoral Inc.


Current Partners include:

  • AccuSoft
    AccuSoft provides customers with tools and technology to develop powerful imaging and image-enabled applications. AccuSoft’s award-winning ImageGear product line has been the overwhelming choice of professional developers. ImageGear technology has been incorporated into tens of thousands of applications used by millions of people worldwide. Accusoft is now selling Khoros Pro as their second major product line. AccuSoft and Khoral are working closely together to serve the Khoros community better than ever.
  • ISTEC - Ibero American Science & Technogy Education Consortium
    ISTEC is a non-profit organization comprised of educational, research, industrial, and multilateral organizations throughout the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula. The Consortium has been established to foster scientific, engineering, and technology education, joint international research and development efforts among its members, and to provide a cost-effective vehicle for the application and transfer of technology.
  • R3vis Corporation
    R3vis Corporation promotes cross-cutting graphics and visualization technology by undertaking research and development activities, promoting graphics technology through commercial and Open Source endeavors, and deploying this technology through strategic partnerships in commercial products, as Open Source projects and as infrastructure in research organizations. Their RM Scene Graph product is a scene graph API that uses OpenGL to leverage hardware acceleration on a wide range of platforms. OpenRM Scene Graph is an Open Source version (LGPL) of RM Scene Graph.

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