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Khoral, Inc. offers service contracts for both custom software development and Khoros customization.

Custom Software Development

Our software development team provides unparalleled expertise in software architecture, application design, product development, software maintanance, and implementation of enhancements. We excel in C, C++, Java, and Perl on both UNIX and Windows architectures. We will create brand-new applications to suit your needs, implement enhancements to existing applications, expand homegrown solutions, or perform system integration of diverse and legacy software. We have both depth and breadth of knowledge in a wide variety of areas. We create solutions that work today and carry you into the future.

Khoros Customization

Our team members know Khoros technology better than anyone else because we developed it. Either on or off-site, we will work with your team to create a custom version of the Khoros software that is specifically designed to meet your unique project challenges. We deliver practical product knowledge, custom enhancements to any of the individual Khoros applications, cross-platform support, file format support, additional applications, and modifications to the visual programming environment. We will provide you with a scalable, reusable, and efficient integrated development environment designed specifically to address your special requirements.

Areas of Expertise

Commercial Contract Experience

Government Contract Experience

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