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S O F T W A R E     D E V E L O P M E N T     S E R V I C E S

Khoral, Inc. offers service contracts for both custom software development and Khoros customization.

The following is a sampling of Khoral's experience performing software development for commercial organizations in both areas.

Commercial Contract Experience

  • 3M
    Implemented visual plotting application enhancements in a client/server environment

  • Blueprint
    • Created web interface to backend inventory database for e-commerce web site
    • Provided on-call system administration consulting
    • Developed enhancements to proprietary secure mail server software

  • Estamp
    • Developed software and performed testing necessary to obtain United States Postal Service Coding Accuracy Support (CASS) certinfication for the E-Stamp Internet Postage product.
    • Provided proof-of-concept for the E-Stamp printer driver, to allow users to print envelopes with the desired address prior to printing electronic stamp.

  • Eurocontrol Experimental Centre
    Created a custom visual programming environment based on Khoros' Cantata to enable air traffic control simulation exercises.

  • Intel
    Developed a Khoros-based framework for Intel's Camera System Model.

  • LizardTech
    Created an image viewing application for UNIX systems

  • Nichols
    Created a Khoros-compatible data collection database tool for organizing data sets and information associated with those data sets

  • Vivometrics
    Architected and developed a Data Transfer Conduit to transmit data from a Compact Flash Memory Card on a user's PC at a remote location to the VivoMetrics Data Center via the TCP/IP protocol.

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