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Khoral, Inc. offers service contracts for both custom software development and Khoros customization.

The following is a sampling of Khoral's government contract experience in both areas.

Government Contract Experience

  • Adaptive Computing Systems (ACS)
    To simplify development of image processing solutions on adaptive computing systems, Khoral developed a visual workspace compiler that generates Serial Assignment C (SA-C) code from a visual program.

  • Khoros Enhancements for HPC and Advanced Vision Systems(AVIS)
    The goal of this three-year effort was to develop a comprehensive software development environment that supports the entire lifecycle of HPC, real-time and embedded applications. This program extended the Khoros software development environment and its infrastructure to support high performance computing, parallel processing and distributed systems, automatic code generation for deployment of algorithms to real-time and embedded systems, and added a visual workspace compiler.

  • Earthviz
    This project created a shrink-wrapped Khoros-based remote sensing and multispectral visualization toolbox for use by USGS.

  • HPC Embedded Applications for Target Recognition(HEATR)
    This program implemented parallelized versions of a set of ATR algorithms, with a goal to produce high performance, portable algorithms that perform in near real-time on a variety of computing resources.

  • Integrated Precision SAR Targeting Program(IPSART)
    The goal of the IPSART system was to develop a high fidelity end-to-end simulation for realistic SAR targeting in a hostile environment for highly maneuverable tactical platforms. The IPSART program was developed under Khoros, and this contract implemented Khoros enhancements for modeling and simulation, as well as integration of the IPSART Navigation model into Khoros.

  • Porting of ISV Software to Parallel Architectures (MAUI)
    Khoral ported Khoros to the IBM SP2, developed a library of parallelized image processing operators optimized for the IBM SP2, Cray T3D, Cray T3E, and SGI Origin 2000 systems.

  • Multi-Sensor Exploitation Toolkit (MSET)
    The MSET program applied automated, advanced technologies to an operational sensor, and developed the spectral exploitation tools to support future hyper-spectral programs. Khoros was the software development and integration environment for MSET; thus, KI had a key role in the system integration of the algorithms developed under the MSET program. Khoral also developed an interactive hyper-spectral visualization application for MSET users.

  • Performance Estimation of ATR Systems (PEATRS)
    The objective of the PEATRS program was to extend Khoros to support ATR algorithm development, validation, evaluation, and system integration. KI's provided a complete software system integration environment with software development tools, visualization tools, and a highly portable infrastructure for ATR programs such as MSTAR. A Cray T3E port of Khoros was also done under this program.

  • Visual Interactive Programming for Enterprise Research (VIPER)
    The goal of this AFRL Phase II SBIR program is to extend Khoros to operate within the Collaborative Engineering Environment (CEE), seamlessly supporting collaborative development and component reuse.

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